Granny Flat Kits Perth

Granny Flat Kits Perth

Granny flat kits in Perth assist in the construction of a tiny flat that can be readily moved from one location to another without breaking the bank. When it comes to finding the top granny flat kits in Perth, Portable Buildings WA is a dependable brand because we offer complete and holistic solutions.

We construct these homes using long-lasting materials to ensure that they are free of bug or termite invasions. These flats are constructed of sturdy frames and foundations with little likelihood of window or door expansion or shrinkage. Because the steel frames of granny flat kits are non-combustible, these homes are fully fireproof. They are also dependable and durable, ensuring that all family members remain protected and secure.

The installation of granny flat kits from Portable Buildings WA is clear and straightforward. Because the building materials are light, there is less risk of an accident during installation and other maintenance activities. Installing the granny kits can be done by the family members independently.

All frames are clearly labelled to allow for quick and easy assembly. The granny flat kits’ lightweight makes them easy to transport and relocate. More importantly, our granny flat kits and other ancillary activities are cost-effective and provide excellent long-term value for money. We provide a variety of design options, colours, finishes, and floor plans to accommodate a variety of lifestyle requirements.

All of our frames are certified and quality verified, in addition to their beautiful designs and simple construction. Our steel framed granny flat kits are designed utilizing the most up-to-date techniques and adhere to the Australian Building Code. Our portfolio includes all popular and standard granny flat kits. In fact, we will customize our granny flat kits in Perth specifically to meet your budget, needs, and purpose.

Design Service You Will Get

We help you in creating a cozy room atmosphere loved goals system

Australian made

Smaller co to keep overhaeds low and provide great value

Smaller co

Smaller co to keep overhaeds low and provide great value


Flexibility in design layout to suit your requirements

Our Project

Portable Buildings WA

The Only Portable Building That Gives You An Instant Solution To Your Space Problems

With years of experience solving site office and overcrowding problems for dozens of businesses and homeowners throughout Australia, a portable building is just right for you! We are confident there is a portable site office, granny flat here for you. If not, we’ll custom make it to your exact requirements.


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