Kit Homes Western Australia

Kit Homes Western Australia

Kit homes are a very affordable and instant solution for any cramped space problems or overcrowding. They are versatile, easy to assemble and contribute towards sustainability. Portable Buildings WA offers a selected range of kit homes in Western Australia with superb features and designs. We use only the highest quality steel and weld them to form the frames and base structures of our kit homes. Portable Buildings WA strictly adheres to the Australian building codes in all the kit homes and other modular and transportable housing options.

What Choose kit homes in Western Australia from Portable Buildings WA?

  • Authentic Australian-made colour bond roofings and wall claddings.
  • Value for every penny spent
  • High resale value and superb rental returns.
  • Different options in colour, doors, windows, doorknobs and many more.
  • Standard and popular sizes
  • Strong welded structures

Portable Buildings WA knows the ins and outs of the kit homes and other portable accommodation options. Hence, we help our clients choose the best one that can solve their space issues swiftly without being too heavy on their pockets. When you choose from one of our kit homes in Western Australia, you can be certain of safety, security and protection from the weather outside.

The high wind ratings confirm the strength and endurance of our kit homes. Our kit homes provide the flexibility to use them in different ways. Industries can use them as accommodation for their workers; families can use them to expand their living space, turn them into an office or even use it as guest rooms. The flooring and roofings of our kit homes are sturdy. We have plenty of options in flooring, their colour and other design accents. Moreover, the finish provides a premium look.

Design Service You Will Get

We help you in creating a cozy room atmosphere loved goals system

Australian made

Smaller co to keep overhaeds low and provide great value

Smaller co

Smaller co to keep overhaeds low and provide great value


Flexibility in design layout to suit your requirements

Our Project

Portable Buildings WA

The Only Portable Building That Gives You An Instant Solution To Your Space Problems

With years of experience solving site office and overcrowding problems for dozens of businesses and homeowners throughout Australia, a portable building is just right for you! We are confident there is a portable site office, granny flat here for you. If not, we’ll custom make it to your exact requirements.


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