Mining Accommodation Perth

Mining Accommodation Perth

Portable Buildings WA features a selected range of portable and movable dongas, as well as demountable dwellings that are suited for mining accommodation in Perth. In all regular and popular sizes, we have solutions to meet the different needs of mining accommodation in Perth.

They can be used for a range of purposes, including worker housing, site or sales offices, cafeterias, and pantry facilities, as well as any other requirement that may emerge in the industrial mining sectors in rural and far areas. Our mining accommodation portable homes have high wind ratings and other industrial ratings, demonstrating their resilience and durability in the face of extreme heat, cold, and other unpredictably changing conditions found in the mining industry.

Equally significantly, we use a full steel skid base and framework to safeguard the entire structure during relocation and movement from one mining site to another. The steel frames, welded structures deliver a foolproof space with elaborate floor plans along with sturdiness and stability.

Furthermore, they make the mining accommodation dwelling options fire-resistant and pest-free. The colour bonded roofings and wall claddings add an extra layer of strength to the accommodation. They are excellent long-term investment solutions because they eliminate the cost of routine maintenance and repairs.

The mining accommodation in Perth alternatives from Portable Buildings WA are economical and come with a variety of design styles and features, ensuring that your workers and other staff working at a mine are as comfortable as possible. After a long and exhausting day at work, your team and employees will unwind and appreciate our lodging options. Each one features strong wood entry doors and metal windows with sliders to keep the homes private but lets enough light and air into the units.

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We help you in creating a cozy room atmosphere loved goals system

Australian made

Smaller co to keep overhaeds low and provide great value

Smaller co

Smaller co to keep overhaeds low and provide great value


Flexibility in design layout to suit your requirements

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