Modular Homes Perth WA

Modular Homes Perth WA

Modular homes are a great way to create an accommodation space without being too heavy on the pockets. Portable Buildings WA offers a selected range of modular homes in Perth WA with customizable options and limitless design perspectives. Different configurations, elaborate floor plans make our modular homes in Perth, WA, a wise investment option.

We, at Portable Buildings WA, combine our years of experience with the latest modular design techniques and architectural elements to give our clients nothing less than the best. Our sole motto is to provide modular housing choices that enhance the comfort, safety, lifestyle standards along with being compliant with the Australian building codes.

Our modular homes’ components and rooms are designed to fit together to form the overall structure. They’re simple to set up and require hassle-free upkeep. Our modular homes’ robust frames, foundations, and other structural features are composed of durable materials to survive even the most extreme and unforeseeable weather conditions.

We only utilize materials and construction processes that have been subjected to rigorous quality checks. As a result, they are sturdier and more long-lasting. We have options that can perfectly match your land type and existing dwelling as well. All our options meet the building code requirements.

When you choose our modular homes in Perth, WA, you move one step closer to becoming greener, as modular housing options are inherently a green structure. Moreover, they are easily relocatable and can serve multiple purposes like accommodation, entertainment space, guest rooms, and even a fully-functional workspace. You name your specific requirement – whether it is cramped working or living space, cash flow shortages or overcrowding – we, at Portable Buildings WA, have a modular home solution for it.

Design Service You Will Get

We help you in creating a cozy room atmosphere loved goals system

Australian made

Smaller co to keep overhaeds low and provide great value

Smaller co

Smaller co to keep overhaeds low and provide great value


Flexibility in design layout to suit your requirements

Our Project

Portable Buildings WA

The Only Portable Building That Gives You An Instant Solution To Your Space Problems

With years of experience solving site office and overcrowding problems for dozens of businesses and homeowners throughout Australia, a portable building is just right for you! We are confident there is a portable site office, granny flat here for you. If not, we’ll custom make it to your exact requirements.


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